Latest News

  • DSF Refractories and Minerals Ltd

     March 2015

    DSF, in the heart of Derbyshire, have recently decided to change their fuel supply from LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) to Natural gas. The project entailed that DSF had to organise, the building of a pipe line running over 3km, to deliver the natural gas to site. The contract awarded to Magma Combustion Engineering, is to convert all the kilns and dryers equipment over to now perform with Natural gas. The objectives are to convert, improve performance, make all equipment compliant and up to latest H&S standards. In addition all kilns, will have an improved Data Management system, for better Management control.


  • Tinsley Bridge Ltd, Contract

    4th July 2014

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, have been successful and received an order from Tinsley Bridge Ltd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, for a Walking Beam Heat Treatment Furnace. The Order is for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the Furnace, which is to be used for Heat Treating a large volume and very specific Tubular Anti Roll Bars up to 900°C with a temperature uniformity of +/-5°C.

    The project complexity is the time frame, which needs to be delivered to site in October and be installed and commissioned by mid November 2014.

  • Magma Combustion Engineering attending Sheffield's Global Manufacturing Festival

    Magma Combustion Engineering attending Sheffield's Global Manufacturing Festival

    Magma Combustion Engineering has confirmed its attendance at the UK's "industrial suppliers meet global manufacturing companies" event – the Global Manufacturing Festival (GMF).

    Held at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on June 25, the Global Manufacturing Festival will host speakers and procurement executives from many of the prime contractor companies like Jaguar Land Rover, HS2, Siemens Energy, GE Oil & Gas and Airbus. Representatives from these companies will be available to talk to companies about its procurement processes. Magma Combustion Engineering will be present, as our Strategy is all about helping the suppliers to these Companies, reaching the high Heat Treatment standards specified for the demanding steels, now used in Aerospace and Oil and Gas markets.

    Robert Hall, MD of Magma Combustion Engineering, explained the importance of this event to Magma Combustion Engineering. "It is not often we get the chance to network with so many of our potential customers, and to raise our profile and explain what we are doing. Magma Combustion Engineering are experts in Thermal Process engineering, and specifically to the Aerospace and Oil & Gas markets, where extremely high standards of Heat Treatment are required, and where energy savings are so apparent. Magma Combustion Engineering is in the heart of South Yorkshire, and are perfectly positioned to help and support the Companies. So we are looking forward to meeting them at this important event".

  • Gemini Alltec Contract

    19th November 2013

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, have announced an Order from Gemini Alltec, for 2 Heat Treatment Furnaces for Howco, to be installed in their new premises that they are building in Malaysia.

    Sumitoma ( Howco’s owners ) have a Sales and Distribution operation in Singapore, and due to it’s success in the oil and gas market, they now want to expand into local manufacturing, for the Asia and Oceania region.

    Magma Combustion Engineering has performed an installation recently for Howco, in Sheffield for a new Heat Treatment Furnace, and this has delivered excellent results, with much improved consistency of Uniformity, Gas Savings, and greater efficiency. 2 Similar furnaces have now been ordered for Howco Malaysia, though slightly longer, with 10 burners per Furnace.

    The project starts now for Magma Combustion Engineering, with a shipping date at the end of June 2014, and installation and commissioning around September 2014.

  • Global Integrated Power Solutions Provider Contract

    22nd October 2013

    After a very thorough tendering process, and then the placement of a ‘test’ order, a global integrated power solutions provider has placed a significant order with Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, for their site in Lancashire.

    The order is to upgrade a wide range of gas furnaces, to meet regulations and legislation by way of upgrading the burner controls with appropriate equipment to allow continuous operation with the relevant improvements. All furnaces shall comply with RPS953.

    The project has a time frame, for the installation and commissioning, that lasts the duration of 2014, and will be starting on site during December 2013.

  • Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd have announced Robert Hall as Managing Director

    1st July 2013

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, have announced the appointment of Robert Hall as Managing Director, effective 1st June 2013. Robert replaces Mick de Roeck (who has fulfilled the role of MD for some time), allowing Mick to return to full-time duties as Head of Projects Management for the company.

    Roberts appointment is part of the overall succession planning that Magma Combustion Engineering are undertaking to ensure the high levels of Combustion and Thermal knowledge is maintained into the future, and securing the long term success of the business.

    During his 30 year career, within various manufacturing and engineering Multi-nations, Robert has been predominantly involved in the Sales and Marketing side of the business. He has filled a number of senior executive roles, the most recent being as a Global Business Development Director.

    Robert commented, " Magma Combustion Engineering, has without doubt an excellent reputation for their knowledge in the technical aspects of gas combustion know-how, within the furnace industry, I hope my Sales and Marketing background can add to the skill set of the Company, taking the company forward at this exciting stage in its development. An ambition for Magma Combustion Engineering is to maintain our leading position by increasing our sales and market share across the UK."  

  • Wyman Gordon Contract

    28th June 2013

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, have been successful and received an order from Wyman Gordon, Livingston, Scotland, for an ‘On Press Die Heater, with an Articulated Arm’. The Order is for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the die heater on their 30,000 ton press. The articulated arm has been designed to carry a 250kg load, at the centre of the burner head. This project is slightly out of the normal scope of Magma Combustion Engineering, but the consistency of work delivered on our various previous work, has given Wyman Gordon the confidence in our Engineering work, to place this order.

    The unit will be delivered in November, and be installed and commissioned by mid December 2013.

  • Thyssen Krupp Contract

    14th May 2013

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd, have received an order from Thyssen Krupp, Woodhead, Leeds, for an innovative Paint Burn Off & Hook Wash Station Unit. This is to be installed in their Leeds factory during the Summer shut down. The purpose of this equipment is to remove the powder coated paint from the hooks used to transport the coiled springs around the plant. The springs are used within the motor industry. The new unit is to be installed in the spring factory's existing production hall and, will be located on the shop floor. The coil springs are hung via hooks onto a conveyor system, which transports the springs through process. The burn off unit will be capable of removing the powder coated paint from the hooks to get back to a bare metal surface, and following the burn off will be transported to a wash station to remove any ash and also to cool the hooks prior to the springs being hung.

    The new unit, will in addition, dramatically reduce the current gas usage, as well as increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

  • ConMech Heat Treatment Contract Award

    ConMech Heat Treatment located in Stanley, Co. Durham have very recently placed an order with Magma Combustion Engineering for a new purpose built heat treatment furnace to complement their existing range of thermal processing plant.

    Magma Combustion Engineering Ltd have extensive experience in designing and producing furnaces of this nature, the fundamental reason that gave ConMech the confidence to bring  a new supplier on board. ConMech place great emphasis on precise temperature control, precise temperature uniformity and turning the often described “Black Art” of heat treatment into a  precise scientific, repeatable process. The operating parameters and capabilities of the furnace are therefore crucial in turning a steel component into a specific steel product fit for purpose and more often than not a safety critical component at that.

    To meet these exacting criteria Magma Combustion Engineering are providing a furnace equipped with an advanced pulse fired system will deliver the exact amount of calculated thermal input to the internal working envelope which in turn delivers optimum fuel efficiency, close temperature tolerance and temperature uniformity. This PLC controlled configuration has been tried and tested many times over with great success by Magma Combustion Engineering.

     Magma Combustion Engineering are extremely fortunate to be working alongside side such a professional heat treatment company that recognises  the impact of quality craftsmanship throughout the business.

  • Outokumpu Stainless Limited Contract

    Outokumpu Stainless Limited Contract

    Magma Combustion Engineering Limited is pleased to announce the receipt of a contract from Outokumpu Stainless Limited for the supply of a Gas Mixing Station for use on their Electric Arc Furnace at the SMACC melting shop in Sheffield.

    Steelmakers at the OSL stainless steel melting shop foresaw a need to add the capability to inject Nitrogen and Argon in addition to the present ability inject Oxygen into the EAF. Their objective was aimed at increased productive output whilst enhancing product quality.

    The process needs that are to be fulfilled by Magma Combustion Engineering's engineering design team is to measure and control the flow of pure Oxygen or mixtures of Oxygen with Nitrogen or Argon and deliver this to an existing injection lance on the EAF.

    The gases are created cryogenically and delivered to the Gas Mixing Station at in excess of 20 Bars and the presence of Oxygen, being a very aggressive gas, imposes great demands on the materials selected for the equipment and pipe work used. Additionally all the equipment and pipe work require careful design and meticulous internal cleaning to meet the challenging safety demands of both Oxygen and this process service.

    OSL have been an important client over many years for Magma Combustion Engineering and this contract again demonstrates the confidence placed in Magma Combustion Engineering to deliver new or retro-fitted value for money process plant to a tight project schedule.